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How to Do a Backdrop Wrestling Move

Learn how to do a backdrop wrestling move from Monster Factory's "Trademark" Tommy Maclin and "Amazing" Mike Spanos in this Howcast video.


My name is Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe. We're here at the Monster Factory, and we're now going to demonstrate a Backdrop.

A Backdrop is a move to design to wear your opponents down, to work on his back, weaken the lower back muscles. The way that you do that is when you see your opponent coming off the rope, if sometimes you don't have time to do the clothesline that we talked about, you'll get down in this position, similar to a football stance.

And when he comes off the rope, he has nothing to do but to push off of you if he's going to help himself. So, you lift up like this accordingly, he'll push off, flip over, and land flat on his back. That is called a Backdrop.

Mike pushes him back into the ropes. Tommy comes off. Mike goes for a Backdrop, right here. Tom plants himself. He'll push at his lower abdomen with his head. He'll propel himself over, and do a 360 onto his back.

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