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How to Do a Reverse Hammerlock Wrestling Move

Learn how to do a reverse hammerlock wrestling move from Monster Factory's "Trademark" Tommy Maclin and "Amazing" Mike Spanos in this Howcast video.


My name is Pretty Boy Larry Sharp. We're back here at the Monster Factory, and we've learned the Hammerlock, and now we're going to learn how to reverse a Hammerlock.

Okay, the guys will go in, they'll take the Hammerlock for demonstration purposes we'll just get in there. Okay.

Now, we're going to reverse it. He'll step back through, behind, maintaining a hold on this wrist the whole time. He never lets go of that wrist. Back through there.

Get into it again so they can see that again.

Never lets go of the wrist. He'll step back through. Elbow to elbow. Okay, now he's reversed the Hammerlock that he had on him. So Mike initiated it with a Hammerlock, Tommy reversed the Hammerlock.

Okay, we have the Hammerlock here. Of course he might be able to reverse it again. Okay. But being a good wrestler, he don't want to get into that chain of just the two of them going through that hold.

There's several ways that you can get out of this hold. We're going to explain them a little bit further on in the video.

This is a Reverse Hammerlock.

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