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How to Paint an Accent Wall

Learn how to paint an accent wall from Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori in this Howcast video.


Hi, this is Dave.

We're ready to paint an accent wall, in this case an accent ceiling. Same concept, though.

And I'm going to introduce you to the delicate blue tape. This is a little more expensive at the store. It has some writing on it here. The 3M says Edge Lock. There may be some other brands, but you want the "delicate" which will come off easier and is a little thinner and will create that line that you want when you're doing an accent wall or you want sharp corners.

We'll use 2 inch. 2 inch wide.

So we're going to paint gold, a decorative finish with this gold leaf oil paint. It's a little thin. I have to be careful for drips. And I've got my mini-roller once again standing by.

The first step is to apply some blue tape to create my line. And I'm going to get right up into the corner. And while I'm holding this tight, I'm pulling this out so it's all one piece, adjusting it as I go along. There.

Now I would do this all the way around the surface that is to be accented. But in this case, I'm happy with this corner and let's go ahead and roller out some decorative gold leaf.

Taking it slow. I don't mind overlapping onto that blue tape.

Wow. It's more solid than I thought it would be going on. It's really cool. Let's make sure that drip doesn't come down.

Now I could do this with a pole, but I'm up on the ladder and it feels like I have more control. Now I'm going to back-roll it. All one direction. Very smooth.

Very interesting.

So I'll continue around the room here.

Okay, so this gold paint, this gold leaf paint is really something.

Let's remove this blue tape and see how our line is. I'm not sure about this corner. Yeah, yeah. It needs some touch-ups there.

Okay. As expected, I'm going to come in with a very small brush with my white ceiling paint and do a little touch-up right there, But as you can see, the line is relatively nice.

And you can do an accent wall, you can do an accent ceiling, and if you want that sharp line get good with your delicate tape. Delicate blue tape. There's also a Frog's tape that's green, but it's more expensive. And you can come out with a very nice result.

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