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How to Protect Your Floors when Painting

Learn how to protect your floors when painting from Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori in this Howcast video.


Okay, we're here to protect the floor. Rather than just throwing down a drop cloth and making due, we're going to put down construction paper, and we're going to use a two part process. Plastic and then the construction paper. Now these are the tools you want to have handy, I've got our blue tape, a nice sharp utility knife, a rag so we can clean these edges. Make sure the blue tape sticks well. Also, it's good to have a knee pad. A knee pad if you're doing a lot of work on the floor or the baseboard. So, I'm going to put my knee pad on there for when I'm doing a lot of work on the baseboard and floor. Okay, so our first step here in protecting the floor is to make sure these edges are nice and clean. We want the blue tape to stick. This is your standard one mil plastic.

We're putting the plastic down as a primary protection. We're going to put it a couple of inches away and then our paper is going to overlap closer to the baseboard. So I'm using this plastic as a backup protection in addition to the floor paper. It just happens to be a little further away. Here's your red rosin floor paper, available at all your hardware stores. Home Depot. Lowe's. Alright, so the paper I'm going to go fairly close. I'm going to go just an inch here from the wall where I want it. I'm going to simply roll it out. I'm going to make my cut line right here. A little trick that I use when getting a perfect line is folding. Folding right at the spot that I want to cut.

Pull it back and there's my fold. Now I've got my paper right where I want it. And that right there is a perfect inch from the wall. This is your standard blue painters tape, medium grade. 3M, of course, in the main supplier. I'm using my finger here to press down right at the edge. I'm coming right up here into the corner, try to get it as close as I can, press it in with my finger and that's a nice edge. That'll be excellent when I'm painting this near the end of the job and to clean up we simply pull up the paper, pull up the tape, and you should have a nice line there between there and the floor. It's a good idea to put small pieces periodically between the floor, the paper, and the plastic.

As well as the plastic and the floor, we can roll out a second section. It's good to overlap it 6 inches or so. You can get away with 3 or 4 inches. And it's nice to have a straight, continuous, tape line. And that is a simple and effect way to protect a nice wood floor on an apartment or household paint job.

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