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How to Strip Paint Using Chemicals

Learn how to strip paint using chemicals from Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori in this Howcast video.


This may not be an easy subject, and it may not be the most favorite, but we're getting into stripping paint, and we're using a chemical gel stripper, and the most powerful one, to be honest, is Rock Miracle. There are other brands like Peel Away, and Stripe Ease, but this Rock Miracle is powerful stuff. Use your safety measures, long sleeve shirt, heavy gloves, or those heavy rubber gloves, okay? So we're going to take this Rock Miracle, we're going to put it in a container that is metal or ceramic, that I have no use for after this. I wouldn't even feed my dog out of this. All right. Let's use a face mask here. Throwaway brush. This is our surface. We're going to put on real thick, first coat, we're going to do a second coat after this, put it on real thick wherever you want. If I was going all the way here, I would do all the way there, don't be shy, but be very careful. Now I'm just going to let that do its work. It's amazing after five to seven minutes, ten minutes, you'll see.

Well, it's been five minutes, four and a half, five minutes, and this is just the first coat. There's a certain window that I want to come in here and scrape now, if I let it go 30 minutes, it might be a little too dry for me, so I'm going to scrape off my first coat. Look at that. This stuff is very powerful.

Okay, before I make it perfect, I'm going to go ahead with the second coat, just right on top. Again, you know, in general, keep your safety measures in with this stuff. Okay, great, let's let that sit. Wow, this gel stripper is powerful stuff. This is the second coat. Comes off real easy. Of course you can do a wider area with more gel, after this I would probably even do a third coat there. When you get down real close to your final detailing, of course, you can do some cleaning, paint thinner, steel wool, takes off residue, and you really get in there and you can see your details into your corners and whatnot.

But there is your gel paint stripper. Always use caution, and again set aside a lot of time and get it done right.

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