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How to Prep Rusted Radiators & Metal for Painting

Learn how to prep rusted radiators and metal for painting from Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori in this Howcast video.


Hi, Dave here. We're going to talk about how to prep metals and radiators for painting.

We want to strip off any loose metal. Any flakes. Take a look at it. Any nuggets.

Now, this radiator is in pretty good shape, actually, but you can see little, little pieces from old paint jobs, drips and so forth. Sometimes you get flaking paint coming off these things and you really have to scrape it all down and get all the loose paint off. Okay?

This is a hard sandpaper. It's about a 60 grit.

And I'm just going to smooth out the tops of these. Let's give this a little wipe down.

Don't forget to protect the back side of your wall. Put some paper back here. All right. Well, it's always a good idea to protect your wall back here from any overspray.

It's good to have a dust brush to get into these radiators and kick out the loose dust that inevitably gets caught in between. All right, great. Just getting the dust out there.

Just double checking for any loose paint. And I'll hit it with a little sandpaper there. Now this one isn't bad. Boy, I've seen worse.

There's a couple spots where we got down to the raw metal, so let's just spot prime those.

Now you can use an oil-based or a solvent-based primer, this is the solvent one. But you want something strong, not the water-based primers. And we're just going to touch those raw metal spots. You see here, it was down to the raw metal. You might want to touch that up.

And that's just prepping the metal and radiators prior to the painting. So this bin primer will be dry in just a few minutes, and having the area dusted and wiped down, it's pretty much ready to paint.

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