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How to Protect Kitchen Cabinets, Counters & Appliances

Learn how to protect your kitchen cabinets, counters and appliances from paint in this Howcast video featuring Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori.


Hi, Dave here. We're going to go over how to protect the kitchen now. A similar process goes for bathrooms. And this here is your one millimeter plastic. And I've already got some of it up. This is what I like to use for ease of use in kitchens and bathrooms. Very important, have your rag handy. I got two different types of tape, a blue tape and some basic white masking tape. Make sure this edge here is nice and clean, no dust. Always make sure your utility knife is nice and sharp, that's a quintessential tool here in doing protection. I'm going to measure out some of this plastic. Here I need a piece, oh, about that long. Got my knife, always be very careful with a sharp knife.

Protecting a kitchen or a bathroom doesn't have to take forever. If you get comfortable with your plastic, tape, knife, then you get pretty fast. Now that I've wiped down that wood and it's sticking good, if there's grease on your appliances or cabinetry your plastic is not going to stick so well. Let's protect right up to the edge. We're just going to do a little trick here where I'm actually going to put the plastic a couple inches away from the edge, like this. I want to protect that edge with the blue tape, so I'm making my line with my basic blue painter's tape, and I'll just move this over a little bit maybe. In other words, the plastic is protecting my cabinetry, but the blue tape is really creating my line. I'm gonna come down here, and this excess plastic is only going to get in the way of getting to this area. The same here. Alright. Let's just join our pieces together. We're going to create a little bit of dust because of some plaster work, so I want to make sure at least I've got the majority of the dust under control.

So when we're done with the job, we just take this off, wipe it down a little bit, and we're good. Alright, coming down here to your counter top. This is real important. This is another quick and easy way to do good protection on your kitchen counter top prior to painting or plaster work in the kitchen. Again I'm getting my rag and I'm making sure the edge here is dust-free, and clean so that the tape will stick. One millimeter plastic is all that's needed. I'm gonna roll down the length that I want all the way to the front of my cabinetry.

Okay, sharp utility knife. Let's cut our plastic. I'm gonna go right into this corner here first. And I'll just go an inch away from where I want to go, an inch away to the edge. And let's put up blue tape, right into the corner. When you're rolling paint, the small beads of paint tend to drop everywhere, and cleaning up can be quite a hassle. So let's do our protection. We'll bring this right over the top for now and put some blue tape right here. I'll cut off my excess. You'll notice I took my plastic right over the sink.

So here's a little trick, take your utility knife and cut your sink open, overlapping to the inside, and there's access to the sink. You need the sink, you need the water to clean the latex water-based paint so we need access to the sink. Put a little blue tape on your faucet itself. Your hands tend to have paint on them, whether you know it or not. And you might save yourself a little cleaning at the end. Some of this stainless steel, polished brass, you don't want to be scrubbing too hard. So there's your counter tops and cabinetry. It doesn't have to be a big hassle, it doesn't have to take a long time, but definitely protect this stuff, you're gonna be glad you did. Alright so now we're gonna do appliances. So you have a refrigerator, I already put some plastic over this counter top piece here. And a similar process. Real simple. You're gonna want to take the dust off the top, clean it down real well, add some Fantastic that actually wipes, wipe that down. Alright, so I've got the plastic.

Let's cut the size that I need. Okay. I'm gonna overlap it a bit. About that much of my one-mil plastic. Alright, go down here, make my cut. Great. Okay. I'm gonna use my stronger masking tape, take a couple pieces, and we'll put them on here, and here. Now, I'm gonna overlap this at the top, just get it started. Now I'll put just a little more tape to secure it. I'm gonna come down to the bottom, cut my length off. And I'll use some blue tape, just so I can take it off easy later, and secure it on the side. We'll do this side also, tuck this back. Now incidentally, I may be moving these around in a little bit to get behind to paint, and I can shift out the refrigerator also with another person helping me get behind, get the mini-roller in there and paint. Incidentally, we're securing this to where if you need access to the refrigerator while you're painting, you may have to cut a slit here so that you can open the door.

But if you're fine, and your family doesn't need to eat, just keep it solid. So in wrapping up, always protect your appliances, your shelving, use one-mil plastic, blue tape, wipe everything down, protect your bathrooms and your kitchens before you paint. That paint tends to get everywhere.

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