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How to Paint a Kitchen

Learn how to paint a kitchen from Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori in this Howcast video.


Hi, Dave here.

We're going to get into the painting now in the kitchen, and I'm going to go over a few points again.

I sanded down a few points on the wall and smoothed it out, but it's maintaining it's character. It's an old building, and we didn't get into skim coating or making this perfect, so it's got it's own, it's own unique look.

Now I've got my favorite mini-roller tool, the Worcester Coater, this size cover. This nap, incidentally, is a 1/2 inch. You could go with 3/8ths inch. That's the thickness.
I like the 1/2 inch because I can get up into the corners better.

I also have my brush handy and a hand bucket, which I just put a plastic bag into to make sure it's clean.

I like the smaller brushes, the 1-1/2 inch, to get into fine corners, make nice lines.

Now, you can also wipe it down. Make sure everything's fine. We're doing the ceiling the same as the walls in this kitchen.

Now, I can either use my brush to get up in the corners first, especially into these smaller spots. This is what you can cutting in. And I have my tape and my plastic there also to protect it.

Once you get very familiar with these mini-rollers, they're great. Because I can actually get up into the corner with the paint, with the mini-roller, by pushing it right in there and then smoothing out around the edge. I have actually gotten the paint in the corner without using the small brush.

So we'll do a section of everything here. We'll do the ceiling. You get your paint on first and then smooth it out. No rush.

Depending on the paint and depending how hot and how humid your room is gives you how much time you have to work the paint in before it starts to dry. I would probably have a good ten minutes even, 8 to 10 minutes here. It's kind of cool.

So there you go. The beauty of the mini-roller.

You could come in here with a regular large roller, but I really like these. I recommend you take a look at it. Pick one up and you'll see what I mean.

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