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How to Paint a Bathroom

Learn how to paint a bathroom from Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori in this Howcast video.


This is going to be a lot of fun. We're going to do the painting now here in this bathroom. It's an awesome navy blue. The ceiling is white, so I put blue tape here to create a new line at the meeting of the colors. Always prep your walls a little bit. Take a look. You know, wipe down any grease. I protected this shower head, but I do want to get into this wall behind it.
All right, I'm happy with the wall. It's nice and smooth. It's clean. The paint's going to stick.

Again, in bathrooms we generally use a semi-gloss paint or a specific bath paint. Benjamin Moore does have one now that is not semi-gloss. It's more mat, but it's specifically bath and kitchen for a mildew resistance and being able to wash down. I'm using a mini roller. It's much easier to get into spaces like bathrooms and paint with a mini roller. Now, I've also got a small sized tray and again, this is a beautiful navy blue.

I like to use my smaller one and a half inch cut brush. We'll put some paint up here in the corners. I'm not afraid to overlap because I've got my blue tape. I'll sometimes look back every three minutes or so and just see if there wasn't a drip or anything that I missed. Smooth it out. All right. Once I'm happy with my cut work with the brush, it's time to bust out the roller.

Incidentally, this deep blue paint is going to take two coats. You can be on the safe side and do three. When I go right to this bottom edge I'm not worried about it. I've got my blue tape. All right. So, yeah. The first coat is going to look a little thin and that's totally fine.

I might let this sit an hour, an hour or two. These modern self priming paints, they dry up pretty quick. This is a technique you might call back rolling. I already rolled this area, but as it's drying I'm just rolling over it one more time all in one direction and just make sure that it's very smooth and it dries evenly.

All right, so I would let this sit an hour or two and then go ahead with my second coat. When it's solid and I'm happy with it, I would come up and remove blue tape exposing a new, beautiful line. There you have it. You can do the bathrooms, no problem. Just make sure you protect everything with plastic, the tape, use a semi-gloss paint or a specific bath paint for better durability. Have some fun with it. You can go with a deep color, no problem.

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