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How to Paint a Wall with a Paintbrush & a Paint Roller

Learn how to paint walls using paintbrushes and paint rollers from Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori in this Howcast video.


Hey guys it's Dave here Broast Interiors New York painting. We're finally getting down to painting. Painting the wall and a paint job can be two thirds prep and one third painting and you finally get to the painting and it is quite enjoyable. Now we've got our low sheen, we're going low sheen and you can also go eggshell. People don't normally put the flat paint on a wall because you want to wear and tear, you want to be able to wash it down where he gets scuffed. And it's a nice off-white into the pink category.

We're going to do our cut-line where the water meets the ceiling and we're not using paper on this one, we're just going to do it by hand and I'm just going to dip my paint in there. And I use my 1 1/2 inch brush again, the smaller ones for more control and I got the paint up into the crack. I overlapped a little bit going if anything up into the ceiling just a hair rather than keeping the line low I might go slightly high and then I would just move out what I've had. No rush. Now the ceiling is already painted. You would paint the room from the top down, the ceiling is first... We'll bring our cut-line down a couple of inches so that there's no risk of rolling up into the ceiling. Although I always do keep a rag handy in case something goes wrong, but there you go. So here we are, we're ready to roll. I'm going with a 3/8 nap roller cover... I've got my brand-new roller handle... This is where all of the hard work comes together, our custom color, brand-new clean tray... Okay. Wipe off the excess. I tend to pour from the back so that I can keep my front label as time goes on this. This can is going to be under the sink for a few years for touch-ups... Great. My standard 4 foot pole extends to 4 feet and it's generally all I need for walls.

Get enough paint on their. Incidentally you may have heard of the W technique or some other technique and putting the pan on the wall, but really you just need to put it on with a comfortable balance. You might have a poll extended something like this. This is a rather short wall, but I'm putting enough paint and a small area to start with and then I'm pushing it up into my cut-line up there and taking a very easy, very slow until I'm comfortable with it. All it's all about balance. Once you've painted a few rooms you really get the feel of the tools no problem. You've just got to be careful going up to the cut-line. There we go... And I'm comfortable going from right to left. You might find that will yourself are comfortable with going from left to right through a room. It's up to you. It's all about finding a rhythm. I'm going to cut in close to this electrical outlet just using this roller, the side, the other side, the top. Now a few minutes have gone by, going to go right back over to where was and do the back roll. Nice and smooth... Yeah.

Now I'm back up to where was. It all pays off in the end... This is where it gets really fun and all the way down. And I'm just going in one direction, I'm not going up and down rapidly with a lot of force when I do the back roll. I'm just going down. You can look on an angle in the light to see if there's anything additional and really depending on how warm it is in the room I still have time. I can do another back roll here before it's dry and that blends it all and nicely. So rolling your wall is your final reward, but take it slow and be careful when you're going up to your cut-line and it's going to come out great. We'll let this set an hour or so and we'll do a second coat.

No matter how many times you'd hear that it's all a one coat paint, just put two coats, put three if you're doing some purples, blues or something. So that's it for rolling. Rolling is awesome. It has a lot to do with balance and getting your dexterity and. Once you do you're going to feel the rhythm, you're going to feel the wall and it's a beautiful thing.

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