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How to Paint Doors

Learn how to paint doors from Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori in this Howcast video.


Hi, this is Dave. We're getting into doors. We're going to paint the door. One hundred grip sand paper. I roughed it up a little bit. Basically light sanding all over and I wiped it down. Again, we're using the high end self priming paint. Now, this door knob. If it's too much trouble to remove all this hardware, the next best thing you can do is put some blue tape around your door knob. One piece around the cover, just like that. Wrap it around, squeeze it in. Maybe another piece around the handle and we'll top it off right around the front.

I just hate having to clean paint off of hardware and other things at the end of a job. All right, so that's tight. Now, I'm just doing the door right now although the molding will also be the same paint. I'm going to use a brush first and do this detailing. This detailing here nice and thick. I'm just pushing it in all of the cracks and crevices of the detail. I'm working it in there pretty thick and now I'll smooth it out. From the top, one smooth stroke this way.

I might put a little detailing right in here, but the roller doesn't always get in there as well as this hardware. Sometimes you might strip the hardware or put new hardware in, but this has been painted before so we're going to hit it again. All right. I'm just going to continue this quickly. That's it on the cut brush.

Got my mini roller. All right, so we're going to dive right into the outside here and now I'm back rolling. That's been there a few minutes so now I can do a back roll. Now let's get up close to the door knob by just touching the top and the sides like that. Okay, we're almost there. We're going to do the middle.

Now, some apartments and houses have a lot of doors, but you can get to where you're timing yourself on this and get it down to a science. Now, that only takes a couple of minutes. No back roll. Awesome. A completely fresh door in under seven minutes.

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