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How to Clean Paintbrushes & Other Painting Tools

Learn how to clean paintbrushes and other painting tools from Brushed Interiors founder David Sartori in this Howcast video.


Well, I completed my paint project and I have some dirty tools.

This is the water-based latex paint. I've got my brush, roller, and this is a mini-tray so it's not a throwaway. Those other larger green ones, green plastic, garbage. I'm going to keep this one, though.

So here's my roller.

How to clean your tools. Actually, I might put one of these into plastic and I can use a tool like the 5-in-1 to knock it off. Take my plastic, pop it off.

The reason being, it may or may not be worth the trouble to clean it, yet if I keep it in plastic, it will stay good for a week or so in case I need to do touch-ups on the paint job.

Now, here's another one. And if I did need to clean it, and it was water-based paint, I'm going to put it under the water. And one of the uses of your 5-in-1 scraper tool is the curved edge, this is for cleaning paint off of rollers, especially the larger ones.

As you can see, this will eventually get clean there. So I'd continue working that until it was done.

You can also run it under the way for a few minutes first.

Now you get into your brush. Always keep these clean. Always clean these directly after your job.

Incidentally, this is my favorite tool. The sharp edge spikes are for digging in and getting out any loose particles, and then you have your bristles for cleaning the paint.

And so I'd keep working that, and I would just let that dry.

The tray, you simply rinse it out. And you'll see the paint will come right off there. And you would simply set that upside down on some paper or something to allow it to dry.

It's always good to have something like this handy so you can clean the paint right off of your hands.

And if you were working with your oils and your oil paint, you would have your paint thinner on hand. You'd fill up a bucket, enough to cover the brush. And you can soak the brush in there, especially if you're going to use it again tomorrow. You can leave it overnight or you can pull it out and use that paint thinner, and again, just cleaning that oil paint off your brush.

Clean tools make a happy life. And you're ready to do another project again.

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