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How to Get a Pet Rabbit Back in Its Cage

Learn how to get a pet rabbit back into its cage in this Howcast video featuring bunny lover Amy Sedaris and rabbit expert Mary E. Cotter.


So, what's the best way to get a bunny back into his cage. If have your bunny out and about exercising in your family room, your play room, your kitchen, how do you get the rabbit back into his cage. This is an important question more so than you might think. Because rabbits are prey animals which means that they are everybody else's lunch in nature. And when you chase a rabbit you're becoming a predator. So you're gonna destroy your long-term relationship with your bunny by chasing him around to get him back in his cage. And a lot of people are very surprised the short time after they acquire their rabbits to discover that every time they approach the rabbit runs away.

And the rabbit runs away because you're a predator, you're chasing him. So if you can find a way to get him back into his cage from exercising that is not chasing. That will serve both you and the bunny really well and what I like to do is I use bribery pure and simple. This is a jar of papaya tablets there are many different brands. I order mine online and I look for a nice clean brand that doesn't have a lot of additives. And a jar of papaya tablets used very sparingly each day you just open the jar you take out you rattle it like this take out a papaya tablet and offer it to your bunny.

Your bunny will come running after a while when he hears that sound. Bean has already had several papaya tables today. He's a little full right now. But this is typically a good way to get a bunny back into a cage you rattle your papaya tablets or your rabbit tablets or whatever food your rabbit loves. Bring them over to the cage, put a couple in the cage and wait for your bunny to come. When I lived in New York City for many years with a pair of rabbits my rabbits got so used to my habit of rattling their pellets and then serving them right after that if I didn't appear at the right time they would jump into the cage spontaneously on their own. And then lean their little heads out as if they say we're here, where are you? In other words, I no longer had to rattle them after a while because the rabbits were so used to the schedule they knew ahead of time when the rattling was supposed to happen and they would remind me. It was very funny. But this is a good way to get a rabbit back into a cage.

Any treat will work and if you feed pellets sparingly just hearing the pellet scoop will get the rabbit back into the cage. So these are the easy ways. Don't chase right. No bunny chasing. Good boy.

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