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Pet Rabbit Care with Amy Sedaris & Mary E. Cotter

Learn about actress / bunny lover Amy Sedaris and rabbit expert Mary E. Cotter in this Howcast video.


Mary: Amy, so how did you adopt your first rabbit?

Amy: I adopted my first rabbit through you, Mary. You gave me a call. My first rabbit had passed away and I grieved for a whole year. You said you got his mini rex [SP] in that had my personality. I didn't think I was ready to adopt again, but you talked me into it and I was so happy that I did it and I've had him 12 years.

Mary: But I didn't really talk you into it. I talked you into coming up to my apartment and when you walked in I remember, you had your friend Jan.

Amy: Yes.

Mary: Jan said, oh, Amy, look at that rabbit over there and that was the one that I had called you about.

Amy: Yeah. Actually when I walked in it was his head that popped out.

Mary: Yeah. She popped her head out right away.

Amy: I (?) ear (?) and you know feeling it out and she's been with me ever since.

Mary: How'd you get the rabbit before that, Tattle tail? How'd you happen . . .

Amy: I actually found her in a pet shop window. It was impulsive. I did everything wrong. That's when I met you. You came to my house and you . . .

Mary: I remember. I was doing a story on you for the magazine, yeah.

Amy: Yeah and I was doing everything wrong. She was living up underneath my mattress and my springs and eating big bowls of oatmeal, no hay, no bowls of water. It was crazy.

Mary: Oh, but she had a great life.

Amy: Yeah, she had a good life.

Mary: She had a luxurious life.

Amy: So, active.

Mary: Yeah.

Amy: Now, I've been going to the conference every year and I go to people's houses. I have a badge and I go to people's houses and I rabbit proof . . .

Mary: We named Amy our honorary educator for House Rabbit Society and we gave her a badge.

Amy: Yeah, so I get to go into people's houses and teach them about rabbit care.

Mary: Yeah. She's become a great educator for us which has just been wonderful.

Amy: Mm-hmm. Oh, I'm obsessed.

Mary: I got mine. I guess I got my first rabbit as an adult from People magazine where I used to work as an editorial photographer and someone sent a rabbit to the magazine as kind of a prank or something or had been some story involving rabbits and the picture editor kept joking, when are you going to send me a rabbit? Suddenly, a rabbit arrived in the Time Life building. I came in and there was this floral scent in the air and I kept saying to Dotsy [SP], what is that? She said, that's the rabbit in Mary's office and I went in. There was a little black rabbit in a cage and nobody knew what to do with him.

So, a long story short. I took him home and he started teaching me about rabbits. I hadn't had rabbits since I was a child and I couldn't bare to coup him up, so I kept him in my kitchen and I walled off the kitchen from other rooms and noticed that he always peed and pooped in the same place, so I thought what would happen if I put a box there. That was it.

Amy: So, she taught you.

Mary: Never been without a rabbit since then.

Amy: Yeah.

Mary: It's been a long time and they've taught me so much, these little guys. They're just wonderful to deal with.

Amy: Yeah. They're great pets.

Mary: Yeah. House Rabbit Society was founded back in the 80's. It's probably the biggest rabbit rescue organization in the world. We have chapters in many if not most states and we have overseas locations now as well. We have presences in Asia and Europe and various places around the world. People that are volunteering their time, their effort and their money to help rescue rabbits anywhere they find them. We don't any of us get paid. We do this after our full-time jobs and we put our hearts into it and have a wonderful website, which is an encyclopedic site with rabbit information for just about any need you have.

You can use our site to research just about any rabbit topic you want and you'll come up with hts that are very useful to you. We have a local site in New York which is That's our New York City chapter which I'm involved with. We have chapters in many areas of the country, so wherever you are if you just search online for House Rabbit Society and then the name of your city or state, you're likely to find chapters of representatives who can help you, we hope.

Amy: We're always looking for donations.

Mary: Yeah, good for you. Thank you.

Amy: Mm-hmm.

Mary: Yes. We always need donations. Always. So, now we've done a series of videos that we hope will help a lot of people take a lot better care of their rabbits and maybe even consider adopting a rabbit. Most people don't realize that there are rabbits in shelters or in rescue groups all around the world and if you search online for your local rescue group, you'll probably be able to find one.

Consider adopting a pet instead of buying one because you're helping out in all sorts of ways. You're freeing up a shelter space. You're allowing another rabbit to be rescued and you're giving a wonderful home to a rabbit that didn't have a very good home the first time around. Please help a bunny.

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