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Sexting Tips

See what people in NYC had to say when asked for their best sexting tips in this Howcast video.


What do you think is an appropriate sext message and what's an inappropriate one?

Sex message?


Sex? . . .

Sext. Sext . . .

Sexting? Sexting . . .
Sext . . .

An appropriate sext message would be like . . .

You know I like it like a game.

Like a game?

What kind of game? Like, Wheel Of Fortune?


Like, I am going to spin your [bleep] around the room and you're going to get a free.

What's the worst thing a guy has ever sexted you?

I think photos say it all.

A picture of their privates.

With an image, it's inappropriate.

Have you ever sent a picture of your or not?

Yeah, I've definitely have gotten to feel like flaccid pics, like a Frankenstein of [bleep] and [bleep] action.

So just their or . . .

No, just their whole thing.

Some girls were like 'Eww,' and some you can be like, 'Listen, I just want to just.'

I don't sext. I have sex.

I am not a big fan of it because it gets you all riled up and then she's nowhere near you.

This one girl said she wanted to spray me with down with Sriracha, you know the hot sauce?

Personally, I don't use my phone too much.

Then, she wanted to stick Nerf darts all over my body. I'm trying to find a way to sext my girlfriend in a way that's hot but it's appropriate and not too much.

What's like the perfect sext message I can send her?

A bottle of wine with maybe a Subway sandwich.

And then sit on the Nerf darts and collect all of them.

Oh, you could put the little dress, you know, like the
little girls?

Yeah, you could put that and then the little dancing one, the little cat dancing thing like that.

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