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Dirty Talk Do's & Dont's

See what people in NYC had to say when asked to share their dirty talk do's and don'ts in this Howcast video.


Harrison: I'm Harrison Tweet with Howcast and we're about to talk people for sex and dating advice. What are the best things you can say while you're dirty talking, like, in person?

Speaker: I want to watch my turtle on your neck.

Harrison: What would you say is the difference between talking about the beauty of what's going on as opposed to, like, raw comments. I'm going to stick this and that. I'm going to put my face on your that and eat all these.

Speaker: It's not dirty. It's just natural.

Harrison: I'm going to rattle off some phrases you could use during dirty talk. Can you tell me if it is appropriate or inappropriate? Okay? Alright. I want to kiss your face.

Speaker: Yeah.

Harrison: I want to kiss your neck.

Speaker. Sure. Appropriate. Yeah.

Harrison: Okay. I want to kiss your breasts.

Speaker: Sure.

Harrison: Okay. I want to have myself within you.

I want to poop inside ***. And then you poop it back into mine.

Speaker: That's pushing it, I think.

Harrison: Has a girl ever told you she wanted to bite your *** and eat your ***?

Speaker: That's just weird ***.

Harrison: Okay. What is your favorite thing to say during dirty talk?

Speaker: Never mind. Bye.

Speaker: Probably it revolves around how huge, yeah, because it's not so much how big it is but how thick it is.

Harrison: That's true. Yeah.

Speaker: I'm more interested in that.

Harrison: You're interested in that. Yeah. That's a good point. Do you have a nickname for your penis or not?

Speaker: Of course, every dude has one.

Harrison: What's the nickname?

Speaker: I call it black junior.

Harrison: What's the best thing you've ever heard from a girl in bed?

Speaker: I think you broke something.

Harrison: Wow. That's... I want to hear that.

Speaker: It's like...

Speaker: This is part of my dirty talk, like meeting them on the street, like randomly. It's very exciting for me. I had one girl pass by. She said it's very tempting, and she smiled at me. So that's very exciting.

Speaker: I just keep my mouth shut the whole time. I don't even want to look at the person, no kissing. I don't even really want to touch them. I just take it.

Harrison: Really?

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