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How to Pick Up a Stranger

See what people in NYC had to say when asked for tips on how to pick up a stranger, in this Howcast video.


I'm Harrison [SS] here with health cast. We're going to have some dating and sex advice. Here, let's go.

Sir, would you give me some dating advice? How do you pick up girls in public? I need to know how to do that. I don't know how.

How are you doing?

That's not it because then everybody would be getting laid all the time.

I look for a eye contact and a little bit of body language.

Yeah, well I contact. That usually just works.

Like, even from far away?


Definitely own a dog.

If I see you're playing with a dog, like I'll get the dog's attention, and like to play up to the dog, and then I start the conversation.

Ask them what breed they have.

What if it's like clearly a golden retriever, and there like going to think you're an idiot if you ask them?

My mindset is most girls take hours getting ready to look good, for us and for other girls, and they love compliments. So, you got to recognize that if you don't take five seconds out of your day to make a woman feel amazing, you're a selfish [beep]. Stop being a selfish [beep].

You'd be amazed how many dates you can get just by walking up to a girl. You look amazing, I would love to take you for a drink some time. Bam!

See the girl that's in the nurse's outfit? I think that's a nurse's outfit. Why don't you go do?

What about dog walkers? Because that's like a profession now. Like, do you think they get all the [beep].

What about Blondie over there? What do you think you could?

Just, literally pick her up?

I would say like small details. Like dimple, like eyebrows, or, I like the way you laugh. Comment on something that's very specific, like an action. As opposed to a feature.

So, what they say few when he came over?

He said that he knew me from somewhere.

Do you think you he actually knew you from somewhere?

It's possible.

If I give you my number will you text me some time? And she said sure. So I gave her my number.

Oh, nice. When do you think she will text you?

Well, she saw me talking to you guys so probably never.

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