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How Far Can You Go with Sex On a First Date?

See what people in NYC had to say when asked how far you should go with sex on a first date, in this Howcast video.


How far is too far on the first date?

It really depends on the person. I mean, sometimes when you're on the first date, some people are like hey, I like you, you like me, we're adults, why not let's get down to business. I don't know, so I feel like it really depends.

Too far to go on the first, anal.

What about anal, is that okay?

Okay, so anal would suck. Yeah.

Anal, baby. Right?


Sure, why not?

Too far on a first date. Do you think there is such a thing or no?

It depends what you want out of that relationship. If she's the girl of your dreams, then why rush? But if you're just out for a bit of fun, then why hold back?

In my twenties, nothing was too far.

No sex on the first date?

No. Because I am here with my boyfriend.

Oh, not with, not us? Do you think it's fine to sleep with someone on the first date or is there like a limit to how far you should go on the first date?

Some people have fallen in love and married on the first date, you know? It depends on your attitude.

I guess it depends. I'm kinda...

Oh, yeah.

...if its that guy, all the way is not far enough

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