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How to Handle Farting in Bed

See what people in NYC had to say when asked what a person should do if he or she farts while getting busy in bed, in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: So what do you think about farting? Like, turning it down a bit? Like, if you're in bed with a girl, what do you do when you fart?

Speaker 2: If there's really no other way around it, so be it. I mean, don't destroy your body, because you can literally end up hurting yourself from the inside and out. All that gas, literally, it can be lethal. It is, seriously.

Speaker 3: So, you go to the other room.

Speaker 2: Right in the middle of the [bleep], really?

Speaker 4: We're in a good deep cuddle, and I can't really get myself out. Like, I'm gonna have to fart, how do I do that?

Speaker 5: Bang, bang, bang, oh pardon me. Are you kidding me? Hell no, that's the last time you're ever gonna get laid.

Speaker 6: For a long time, I had a policy not to do that. And then I was dating a girl for about three months, and she said to my friends, 'It's really weird, this guy never farts'. And I thought, 'Oh my God, I've really achieved something here.' And then once she said that, she made a mistake, and the mistake was then I just let it loose. And now we have to open the windows.

Speaker 7: Now, he's living out his friend's garage.

Speaker 1: What do you think about farting? Have you ever farted in bed, post or pre?

Speaker 8: Absolutely.

Speaker 9: I've done some side ones that smelled bad.

Speaker 1: Have you ever sharted in bed, or no?

Speaker 10: Never sharted in bed, but very close.

Speaker 11: You're banging her really good, and she's having multiple orgasms, you can pretty much get away with anything you want to. Don't fart early on, but once she's hooked in to the [bleep], you're good.

Speaker 12: While having sex, and you're giving her multiple orgasms.

Speaker 13: Totally fine.

Speaker 14: If a girl likes when you fart around her, you marry her.

Speaker 15: Yeah, if she's there like. She's not going to be like, what's that smell? She's not coming out of a full shaker to be like, 'Do you smell something?' It's not gonna happen.

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