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How to Handle Pooping When You're on a Date

See what people in NYC had to say when asked how they handle pooping when they're on a date, in this Howcast video.


What do you do if you have, like you're in the middle of the day, you're drinking wine, you're having a great time and then you realize I have to go take a dump and it's gonna take a while.

In the apartment?

Either at the apartment or at... whatever.

That happens all the time to be honest luckily I'm a quick [beep] just give it a one, two push and get out of there.

What if there no windows, and she's like "I have to use the bathroom too" right after you just used.

I went through a period where I wanted to get girls to [beep] me while I [beep] just to see how good it would be.

What if doesn't come out one, two.

I don't want to go in the bathroom and smell my first dates poops.

And it was pretty good and my next goal what I haven't done is I wanna be eating a sandwich while I'm [beep] while I'm [beep] but I haven't got there yet.

Sometime I get like IBS, so what do I do if I need to take a poop and I'm on a date already.

That is a fair question.

It's kind of awkward. Because you're there and I need a big [beep] holding my [beep] so it doesn't hit the bottom of the seat and then I'm eating at the same time and then I got to hold her hair, anyway, what was the question?

Have you ever had to make a bowel movement during a date?Interviewee6: Yes.

I think that we all poop so I think you should just poop.

In your pants?

No, like in the bathroom.

Have you ever sharted on a date?

On the actual date?


You literally mean to on the person or do you mean...

No, no... like you thought you had to fart and you maybe even walk away.

Not on the date, but I have shat my pants before.

I had diarrhea last night while on a date I shit five times in a night, I'm not kidding, still got laid.

Well, I don't know if know about submissive fetishes but I like prefer to watch her do it, but aside from that.

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