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How to Make Potato & Chorizo Tacos

Learn how to make potato and chorizo tacos from Brooklyn Taco Co. chef/owner Jesse Kramer in this Howcast video.


You're probably wondering why I have a blank plate here. And that's because we have a killer chorizo taco here on the burner and I'm going to show yo how to make it.

First, Mexican style chorizo. Peel the skin off and you're going to break it up. It's almost like a ground beef consistency but it is full of flavor. This one is pork and beef and it's got chiles and garlic, it is amazing. SO you can see it, just right here. I have some right now crisping up in a pan. The important thing here is you select a good chorizo. So buy a few brands, see what you like, it's all about the quality here.

Put it on medium heat. You want to really cook it, break it down, crisp it up. That's about five minutes. Here we have lettuce which kind of cuts into the saltiness of it. Pineapple salsa which kind of cuts in the saltiness also and gives you a sweet depth to it. Crema which is a Mexican sour cream. And then potatoes which we've cooked for maybe three, four minutes in boiling salted water. And this is also going to provide a starch and cut into the saltiness of the chorizo.

So here we have, I'm going to go back there with the bowl of the potatoes. Going to put a nice mix in here. And we're going to try and get a little color on these guys too. All right. And then stir it up a little bit. I mean this is one of my favorite tacos guys. And the color is going to just seep right into the potato just along with the flavor.

All right. So I'm just going to let that cook probably on low heat for about ten minutes. So here we are, just waiting for the final moments of the chorizo and potato mix to be done. I am going to get this fresh tortilla cooked. Again we use two tortillas because one always breaks apart and it's frustrating when all the incredible flavor is laying on the bottom of your plate instead of in your mouth.

So here we are. Pan over high heat. We're going to give it about 15, 20 seconds a side. We want to bring out a little bit of the brown color by toasting this a little bit. Chorizo should be crispy, potatoes should have a little color on them. I can already...oh yeah. Chiles are amazing in here. It's really going to render down a lot too. So put a little extra chorizo then you'd think you'd want in a meal because it's all going to reduce. The fat's going to break down, the water's going to evaporate and you're going to be left with very little meat. So this is about maybe five or six chorizo links in that pan.

So here we are, the tortilla is just about finished. I'm going to turn this off. Awesome, got great color. All right. And then right here. Oh my God, amazing. Scoop from the bottom because that's where all the crispy chorizo and potato is, where all the flavor is. Beautiful color. Keep it on there. All right. So awesome. All right.

Let's bring it back here. No one's going to see this so we're just going to put this on here. All right. Then little bit of the pineapple salsa. And it's okay if things fall out on the plat, Mexican food's supposed to be messy. But it's got to be good. That's the rule. There we go.

This is the chorizo, potato taco. Amazing. Salty. Sweet. Spicy. Creamy. Everything you'd want in a taco.

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