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How to Make Breakfast Tacos

Learn how to make breakfast tacos from Brooklyn Taco Co. chef/owner Jesse Kramer in this Howcast video.


I am going to show you how to make the best breakfast taco you've ever had. It will beat Arizona, Texas, you name it. You'll be fine.

So, key ingredients. Eggs. Little bit of whole milk to make it fluffy and creamy. Poblano peppers. We have one that's raw, one that's roasted. We just put it over an open fire to get the skin off, very easy technique guys. You're just going to rub it off. Look how beautiful the skin is. That is smoky, sweet, it is awesome. If there's a little ash leftover, don't worry it builds character, you're completely fine.

So I'm going to just cut right after the pit and then if you open it up you can see there's some seeds, you can get rid of those guys. All right. Chop it up. Dice. Awesome.

Here we have our bowl of eggs. Whisk it nice and smooth. I'm going to add some salt because salt is going to open up our taste buds, allow us to taste more flavor. And that's nice and whisked.

I'm going to take this pepper here and put it in my pan and cook it. You want the pan to be warm when you add the eggs. You don't want to put it into a super hot pan because it's going to burn the eggs and burnt eggs are not allowed in this kitchen.

If you saw how I cut this, you see there's a little left over. A trick I do in my kitchen is I put my hand in, pop it in quick, pull it out, you have the seeds in a bunch. Perfect and ready to use. So easy. So if I do like 10 or 15 peppers at once, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, easy.

All right. So here I have my pan. It's still nice and warm. It's not smoking hot because you don't want to burn the eggs. So I'm going to gently put enough eggs in here. You can oil your pan a little bit. Use a non stick. All right. The key is gently cooking your eggs. You want them to be silky, soft. You don't want them dry and hard. Not allowed.

All right, so here we are. You have poblano peppers in here adding beautiful color. It's going to add a nice depth. Here we have chorizo potato. If you want to know how to make that best way possible you can look at one of our other videos in the series, how to make the chorizo potato taco.

So your eggs are going to take about three minutes to cook. Again, slow heat, constantly stirring, you don't want any brown. You want them to be silky smooth.

While this is cooking we have two fresh tortillas here. Get my pan on here, hot. Again, we use two tortillas so they don't fall apart. All right? Ge that going. Pay attention to my eggs. Here we go, chorizo's done. It's nice and crispy. Potatoes crispy, beautiful.

Keep stirring this. Pay attention to my tortillas. So you got to multitask, it's fun. There you go. That's going to be done very shortly. And I think the eggs are just about ready to come off. Don't be afraid, they're not raw. They're just perfect. All right. There we go, fold them over. You want a little glisten in here.

And if you don't want the meat you can go vegetarian. Just throw this is a tortilla with some fresh tomato salsa. Totally fine. Oh, look at how beautiful those are. Super creamy, soft, white eggs mixed with smoky sweet poblano peppers. Chorizo is perfect. It's crispy, it's mixed with potatoes. I'm going to turn that off.

Here I have my tortilla. Got beautiful, beautiful brown color which you'll see in a minute. Awesome. Here we go. Turn that off. Come over here. Have my not overcooked scrambled eggs and poblano peppers. It's going to go right in the tortilla here. So good, so good. All right.

And now is a little secret trick. You're going to add Mexican crema which is like sour cream. We're going to cover it up. You won't even see it but you'll taste it. Awesome. All right.

Now we have the chorizo perfectly cooked, we're going to put it right on top of here. If you make a mess that's okay, that's what we do with Mexican food. As long as you can eat it and it tastes good that's the important part. Here we go. Finish it off with cotija cheese which is like a Mexican parmesan. Salty. It's a pasteurized cow milk. It's awesome. Squeeze the lime if you want, I like it just as is. This is how you make the best breakfast taco.

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