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How to Make Lobster Tacos

Learn how to make lobster tacos from Brooklyn Taco Co. chef/owner Jesse Kramer in this Howcast video.


So today we have a specialty here. It's lobster tacos. Now not everybody cooks lobster tacos, but if you're jonesing for a lobster taco, I'm going to show you how to do it. First thing, most importantly, we're going to talk about what are the best parts. We going to use claw meat and the tail meat. But we're also not going to throw a live animal into boiling water. We're going to humanely put it to rest so that we can feel good about the taco we make. So the important part is you're going to take the point of your knife right in the head here , and you're going to sever all of the nerved endings.

You're going to go down quick and swiftly and be done. There you go. He is pain-free right now. All right. These are just his nerves moving. We're going to take the claw off. This is going to be meat. All right. There you go. Beautiful, beautiful tail meat. We have claw meat. Cooks a little differently. We've got eight minutes on the claws, six minutes on the tail. So I'm going to go ahead and put the claws in first. I've got a pot of boiling water, and the reason we use boiling water is because it's a little more gentle than steam. Steam is a little hotter. And then we're going to wait two minutes and add this. So you're going to get a beautiful, beautiful red color in there. And then while that's working, we're going to do our butter sauce. Who doesn't like lobster and butter? But we're going to put our own twist on it, which is going to be kind of a lobster citrus sauce. A little bit of garlic. So here we are. We've slowly melted down butter. Now we're going to add some garlic. So good. Over low heat. There we go. And then add a little bit of salt. Awesome. And then when the lobster is done cooking, we're actually going to save some of the lobster stock, because the broth is one of the best parts of the whole meal.

All right. OK. So we have the lobster that's boiled in the pot. Remember we had the claws in first because they take a little more time to cook. And then we add the tail two minutes after that. And I'm going to cook the rest for six. So here we go. You have your claw meat. Beautiful red color. Tail, awesome. And we have a nice garlic, lime, butter sauce, because who doesn't like a garlic, lime, lemon and butter on their taco? I'm going to scoop some of the lobster stock, because there's a lot of flavor in there. I don't want to waste that. Probably good. So it's going to just sit here, and then right before we plate this, we're going to take the lobster chunks, kind of soak them in here, get them coated in flavor, and then finish it up with cilantro. And then you're ready to go. So here is the epic moment. We are going to assemble our lobster tacos. We've taken about two minutes to let it cool down. Don't worry. We're going to heat it right back up. All right. So I just took a fork. Push it through the end.

Very easy way to extract the meat. Here we go. If you have a nutcracker, even better. I've done this long enough that I know how to make it happen. If you like shredded meat, too, it's really good. There we go. All right. Beautiful. Claw meat is spectacular. I'm just going to chop it up and make a nice blend, because there's different types of meat at play here. This is a little tougher. That's a little softer. Beautiful. All right. So here we go. Get our butter pan. Nice, beautiful, hot lobster here. Awesome. Smells so good. So I'm going to heat that up. While that's working, I have my tortilla pan on the end. Again, I'm going to use two tortillas to give it some stability and hold the nice juicy lobster that's about to go in it. So I'm going to cook this for about 30 seconds, maybe 15 seconds a side. This is warming up. Beautiful coat of butter here. I'm going to add cilantro right at the end. Awesome. So good. I like to keep it very simple, because you're really highlighting the flavor of the lobster.

You don't want to cover it up. Avocado's a nice addition, too, because avocados are very mild. Tortilla's done. So I'll turn that off. Awesome. All right. So here we are. I'm just going to strain this out a little bit. Lobster's very rich, so don't make a huge taco out of this. All right. You're going to get a nice citrus flavor. It's going to bring out the flavors of the lobster. So see how nice that it? It's like a nice, subtle, just beautiful blend. Simple. I'm going to put a little lettuce on here to add a crisp, refreshing flavor, because you have a high acidity here. And you have a sweet coleslaw if you want to put it on. I like to be a little minimal, and I like three or four flavors, tops. So here you are. Oh my God. This looks so good. Amazing. Fresh lobster taco. Simple, easy. Wow. That's how you make a lobster taco.

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