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How to Make Tofu Tacos with Peanut Salsa

Learn how to make tofu tacos with peanut salsa from Brooklyn Taco Co. chef/owner Jesse Kramer in this Howcast video.


So for all those vegetarians that run out of ideas for ways to make flavorful tacos, I like tofu. It adds a little bit of protein, a little bit of body and add a nice fresh feature which is roasted broccoli. 400 degrees, crisp the outside, get a nice nutty flavor. Peanut salsa, little crumbled tortilla chip on top, lime, and you're all set.

So here I have a pan. I'm going to put a little oil in. When you're preparing your tofu you want to use extra firm or it will break apart and if you have the chance to get salted tofu, that will be even more firm and easy to work with.

But, here we have extra firm tofu and we wrap it in paper towels a couple times and it's going to pull out the water so that when you cook it, it's going to be like a sponge and absorb all the flavor.

So, here we are. Nice hot pan. We're going to add salt. And we're going to throw in the broccoli too. All right. Sizzles good. Sizzles good. All right. Add some tofu. Some salt. It's going to take about a minute to cook that. Tofu cooks pretty fast. And if you can get a nice golden color it's ideal.

And then we have our peanut salsa which you can find on another segment with howcast. The crumbled tortilla chip I use because it gives it a little bit of a crunch and a deeper corn flavor. And, again, we're using two corn tortillas so it stays together, adds a little body to it.

There we go. That broccoli is awesome. It's just oil, salt, that's it. On a sheet tray, in the oven like nine minutes maybe a little less. Going to make it a little healthier, a little crunchier, awesome.

We're going to do our fresh tortillas as usual. Nice hot pan. 15 seconds a side. And you can start to see you get a little golden color on some of these tofu cubes and it really is better to make cubes and make them small because they'll heat up quicker. If you put a big block of tofu it's going to take more time and you're probably going to burnt he outside and have a cold inside. You got to make everything uniform so it cooks all at the same time. Kind of an important feature in cooking just in general.

All right, so tortillas on. All right tortillas almost finished, we are going to plate this very soon. The last step. I'm going to actually add the peanut salsa to the pan. Because it's actually going to bring a lot of flavors out in this sauce, it's just going to bloom all the garlic and the chiles and the cumin. It's going to be great.

Oh yeah, so good. And it kind of binds everything too. So that every bite has equal flavor. Done. Awesome. Beautiful. And if you get a little crust on the outside of this it's totally fine. Look at that, look at how good that is. Beautiful.

Awesome. All right. Here we go. And you know, you can make the chunks of broccoli a little smaller depending on how big your mouth is. It'll be a little easier to eat. But don't over stuff it. There we go. Awesome. And then a little crumbled tortilla chip for that crunch. Lime. All right. There you have it, look at that, so beautiful. I'm going to go ahead and eat it. So hot. So worth it. Oh my God. So, so, so good. Vegetarian. Healthy. Filling. That is how you make a tofu broccoli taco.

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