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How to Make Street Corn

Learn how to make street corn from Brooklyn Taco Co. chef/owner Jesse Kramer in this Howcast video.


So you're all probably wondering how to make that amazing corn you see on the side of the street in Mexican neighborhoods. Sometimes we call it elote, sometimes we call it Mexican street corn. So, here we have corn. You can see it's still in the husk.

If you can get it entirely in its husk, leave it because there's a ton of flavor in there. We're going to steam it. When we're finished, about 5, 6 minutes, you just want it nice and crisp. You don't want the kernels to be over cooked. You want a little crunch. So here we go. Ooh, it's hot. Alright so, here we go. Nice bright, yellow color. We're going to paint some mayonnaise on this. That's the key, got to love mayonnaise. And if you make fresh mayonnaise it's even better. Very easy. Egg yolk, a little bit of mustard, oil, salt, so easy. Okay. So you want to get it nice and equally dressed, sprinkle it with Cotija cheese, which is the Mexican equivalent to Parmesan. It's okay to make a little mess, come on. We're having fun. Alright, and this adds a nice salt element. The finishing product is chili powder.

So the chili powder adds the spice. Some you can get blended up already in the supermarket, and it has salt in it, it's amazing. Don't get it on your hands, it hurts. I'm going to just do this here. You want to even it out, and this is spicy, so be careful. Alright, and here we have Mexican street corn. That is awesome. Everyone I know likes this, and if you can, squeeze a lime, a lemon, whatever you want. It is messy as hell to eat so grab napkins. I'm going right in. Oh my god, it's spicy. So good. Fresh Mexican street corn. That's how you make it.

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