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How to Make Peanut Salsa

Learn how to make peanut salsa from Brooklyn Taco Co. chef/owner Jesse Kramer in this Howcast video.


I am going to show you how to make a really interesting peanut salsa. Now, most people don't even think about peanuts being in a salsa but throughout Mexico there's a common pairing between peanuts and chile arbols and it adds a really nice deep flavor, a nice chunky texture and it goes well with vegetarian tacos, it goes well with steak tacos, and I've even heard of places putting it on fish tacos.

So, here we are. I'm going to put a pan, a little bit of oil. We're going to sweat some garlic and onions. Awesome. Going to bring that down, caramelize it until they're translucent and then I'll go over what all the ingredients are here.

We have cumin and oregano. We have cider vinegar, white vinegar, lime juice. Chile arbol which are going to bring a nutty, spicy flavor to it. Guajillos which are going to kind of thicken the texture, give it a darker color, and also add a little bit of a raisin flavor. And then we have fresh, unsalted, roasted peanuts which we're actually going to toast as well.

So, in a second pan I'm going to heat it up. Be very careful that you don't burn the peanuts because they're nasty and very acrid. You're also going to toast the chiles and, again, be careful with that because you are not going to want to burn those or it's going to be very bitter.

Putting in the pans, keep them moving. Here we have this onion garlic combination. Awesome. All right. It's working right there. We have our blender we can go ahead, grab these chiles here. We're going to add them to this mix. That way you don't have to have three different pans going at once. Just kind of share it.

I'm going to add the spices to the onions now because when you heat it up, it will bloom. They're dry spices. All right, so I'm going to an our ingredients starting with the onions and chiles first because the peanuts can sometimes give your blender a hard time and we don't want that. We want this to be an easy recipe for you.

So I'm going to try and make all this in here. There's a little bit of oil and onion juice here which is fine it's going to actually help up blend this up. And we also have the spices in here. Beautiful. All right. Here we have our peanuts which are toasted. Put them in here. All right.

Salt, always, I cannot tell you enough. Always add a little bit of salt. Put a little lime juice in here. All right, so. Let's puree this to a nice smooth consistency, we can thicken it up with the peanuts.

Just be patient, she's working hard. There we go. You're going to see the color just changes instantly. It's going to get to a nice reddish orange. There we go. Chunky is okay, it adds a lot of character and a rustic sense to your salsa here.

All right so looks like we got through the hard part. Take this off. Just be gentle here. There we go. You'll see it'll start to slow down a little bit because it's peanuts. And that's okay. It does need to be perfectly smooth. Little bit of water will help, don't do too much. There we go. Just enough to bring it back.

Little bit of vinegar. Awesome, there we go, that's what we're looking for. And then we're going to stop here. And then we're going to do a little taste test, see if we need to add more salt or acid.

All right. Nice thick, beautiful yellow color. Again, I don't like following recipes, they're just a guideline. It's awesome. Doesn't need anything.

So here you have a nice chunky salsa. You can see the red chiles and see some of the whole peanuts and the chile seeds. It's got nice spice. Nice acid. It's ready to go on a tofu taco, steak taco, you name it. And this is how you make an all star peanut salsa.

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