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How to Make Slaw for Tacos

Learn how to make slaw for tacos from Brooklyn Taco Co. chef/owner Jesse Kramer in this Howcast video.


So I'm here to show you how to make a fresh slaw. I use it on fish tacos. I can use it on lobster tacos. You can use it on pretty much anything. It adds a nice, crisp, crunchy, sweet flavor. It's very versatile. You can use cabbage, carrots, peppers. You can use jicama, apples, but you need to make sure you put a lot of acid on the apples, because they'll change color. But I'm also going to show you quickly how to cut a cabbage so you get these nice little julienne. So here you cut it in half, half again. Make sure you remove this white part, because that's really going to hold it all together and drive you crazy.

So there we go. Awesome. And then cut it in half again, so you have nice, easy, manageable pieces. And then keep your fingers like this. Look at how beautiful that is. And this is going to make it much easier to eat and make your tacos and presentation prettier. All right. So here you are. Break them up a little bit. My two favorite ingredients for the slaw are going to be a cider vinegar, which adds a sweetness, and a white vinegar, which adds a little acidity without making it too sweet. Keep your ratio to whatever you feel comfortable with. I feel like that's a fair amount. Carrots aren't my favorite, admittedly, but we're going to put them in anyway, because they taste good when they start getting pickled. So here you are. You have a nice, beautiful color. And again, jicama would add a nice white color to this whole combination. And here we are. You have cider vinegar. White vinegar.

Sugar, which believe it or not is going to help out. Who doesn't like a little sugar? All right. Salt. Open up your taste buds. That's going to be nice. And then obviously some limes, because you're eating Mexican food. They deserve limes. But you can really switch up your slaw with rice wine vinegar. You could use anything you want, any acid. Here's a little backup, a little extra. And you're really just going to marinate this for 10 minutes. If you need to, put a bowl to weigh it down. Put it in the fridge, and you'll see the color's just going to be beautiful when it's done. Then obviously we're going to add fresh cilantro at the end. If you add it now, the acid's going to wilt the greens, and it's not going to be as fresh and beautiful. So we're just going to wait until the very end, mix it all together, and you'll have a slaw for fish tacos.

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