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How to Use Dried Chilies

Learn how to use dried chilies from Brooklyn Taco Co. chef/owner Jesse Kramer in this Howcast video.


I am going to show you how to properly use dried chiles, which are very common in Mexican cuisine. Here I have probably the most common used chiles in Mexican food. First we have the chipotle, which actually turns, it's a dried, smoked, jalapeno. Next we have the chile ancho, which is actually a dried poblano pepper. Next we have the guajillo and the chile arbol. Now, the best thing to do is first toast it in a pan a little lightly, and that's going to bring out a lot of the flavor and the nuttyness.

And then you can either take the stem and seeds off to save yourself time or you're simply going to put it in a pot of boiling water and let it steep, I'm going to throw an ancho in here, and just to make things easier I'm going to take the stem and seeds, so I'm not trying to battle the hot chile, and I'm going to put it in here for about five to six minutes. You really want to rehydrate the chile, and a fresh chile just so you know, is actually going to be a little soft. It's not going to be so dry that you can crumble it in your hands. And so after about eight minutes, here we have some dried chiles, and you're going to see you can just rip it apart and to use it in a sauce you're going to put it in a blender with a little bit of water or vinegar or stock, puree it, and you have the base for a lot of Mexican flavors. And that's how you use a dried Mexican chile.

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