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How to Tie a Nicky Knot

Learn how to tie a Nicky knot from Louis Purple menswear boutiques founder Charles Brunold in this Howcast video.


Hey, I'm Charles from Louis Purple, we're in New York and today I'm gonna teach you how we tie a Nicky knot. So it's a pretty simple knot to tie and it works almost with any type of tie or collar. And you want to start with the tie upside down, with the wide end on the left hand side.

The narrow end should be about six inches higher than the wide end. And when you start tying the Nicky knot you want to go underneath with the wide end, you bring it up and under the collar, pull out on the right hand side and then you switch hands, like that, and then you're ready to go over, under, not too tight so you can easily pull it gently through the loop. Adjust it, pull it gently, and you should obtain a fairly symmetrical knot that works with any type of collar, really, any type of tie and it's good for any formal occasion, really. And this is the result you obtain. And that's the Nicky knot.

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