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How to Dress for a Job Interview

Learn how to dress for a job interview from Louis Purple menswear boutiques founder Charles Brunold in this Howcast video.


Hello. I'm Charles from Louis Purple, and today I'm going to give you some tips in order to nail your job interview. The most important in a job interview is that you want to project really the right image. So there is a list of things you really want to respect in order to make sure you convey the right image. So let's talk about the suit first. I think you want to keep it pretty conservative, probably a solid color, like a gray or a navy, with a long sleeve shirt. You can have quite a few options for the shirt, probably a light blue or white, pink, lavender color that you're going to complete with a nice tie, maybe with a little bit of pattern if you have a solid shirt and a solid suit. And then it's all the little side accessories that come with it. So you want to make sure you have a nice belt, some conservative leather shoes, a dark pair of socks.

Obviously, you want to avoid the sports type of socks. Make sure your hairstyle is neat and tidy, because it reveals a lot about your personality as well. When it comes to the shoe, there are probably two ways to stay conservative, either a black shoe or a brown shoe with a little bit of a pointy feel to it. I mean, I like European, Italian-style shoes that are a little bit more pointy. So this is my personal preference. I would go with a one-piece leather shoe, probably on a dark brown shade, and you make it match with the belt. When dressing up for a job interview, you want to keep it very simple. Just a conservative navy or gray suit, blue or crisp white shirt, and maybe a tie that brings a little bit of your funky side, a little pattern, polka-dots. You can really bring out the whole outfit. And don't forget to complete the outfit with a nice pair of leather shoes and to make your belt match the color of leather.

All these are things to consider when dressing up for a job interview.

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