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How to Dress If You Are Tall

Learn how to dress if you are tall from Louis Purple menswear boutiques founder Charles Brunold in this Howcast video.


Hello I'm Charles and we are at Louis Purple in New York. I am here to give you some tips if you are a gentleman on the taller side, and how to look, how to wear suits in the proper way.

Keep the amount of cuff you are showing to a minimum amount. Otherwise, you will have for effect to lengthen the look of your arms, and they might look disproportionate. So, it's really important that you don't show too much cuff on your shirt.

When it comes to the first button, you probably want to go with a two-button rather than a three-button jacket. It would have the effect to balance your silhouette. Three-button jackets will lengthen your torso and it might make it look disproportionate, so that's why you might want to keep it to a two-button jacket.

The length of the jacket, you probably don't want to cut the jacket too, too short. I know it's very modern way of wearing suits to cut it extremely short like you can see on Tom for example. But, if you are really a tall person keep your jacket at a pretty conservative length so you make sure your legs don't look too disproportional with your torso.

Another little trick that I can give you when wearing pants is to wear cuffed pants because they have the effect of breaking the line of your legs and to kind of put a stop to them.

Avoid wearing long pointy shoes cause it will have the effect of enhancing your silhouette again. So, you may want to go with a rounder shoe that will make you look more balanced.

So these are the tips I can give you when you are on the taller side.

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