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How to Dress If You Are Heavy

Learn how to dress if you are heavy from Louis Purple menswear boutiques founder Charles Brunold in this Howcast video.


I'm Charles I'm from Reperform and I'm gonna give you some tips in order to dress up properly if you have a larger build. For gentlemen on the bigger side, you wanna avoid having a suit that looks too bulky with lots of extra fabric. So it's really important that your arm hole fits right under your armpit and you don't have too much room otherwise you will have the effect of like shortening your torso and you really wanna have a minimum amount of room showing.

Adding suspenders to your outfit is a great way to divert attention and to lose the full point of you guest. So it's something you might wanna consider. A three piece suit also is a good way to compliment your appearance when you're on the larger side. And double breasted jackets they're cut really short. It's also a flattering style. Don't try to hide your body and just go with the slender fitted style for the suit with the high arm hole. And it will compliment your silhouette very nicely.

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