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How to Pick a Blazer

Learn how to pick a blazer from Louis Purple menswear boutiques founder Charles Brunold in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Charles. We're in Louis Purple in New York, and we're going to talk about blazers. So what you should know about blazers is that nowadays we really want to go with a unstructured type of a shoulder line, like the one I'm wearing now. So it's a style that comes from Italy, from Napoli actually, to be precise. An unstructured blazer features a jacket with no lining. It's a great traveling jacket. It's a jacket you can just fold and takes no space in your bag. Just pull it out, and you're ready to go. If you want to go with more of a preppier look, you might want to go with brass buttons and something that will catch a little bit more attention.

The real traditional blazer is double-breasted and with six buttons, four over six, but it's not a style that is really, really trendy anymore. In made-to-measure, for example, when customizing a sport coat or a jacket, something that's going to give a more relaxed feel to your blazer is the type of pockets you're going to go with. So here I'm wearing straight pockets with a flap, but another way to make the blazer a little more casual is to add patch pockets. Also, you can do a patch pocket on the breast, and it would look more like this one, where you have the patch pockets on the front and on the sides. Another great addition to a sports jacket is elbow patches, as you can see on this jacket, for example. It's not the look for everybody, but definitely something you can coordinate with a nice pair of chinos.

When creating a made-to-measure blazer, it's always nice to coordinate the color of your elbow patches with the color of your contrast button holes. For example, on this jacket we have the dark brown theme that kind of takes out a little bit of the power of this gingham pattern, which could be a little overwhelming. So the main reason why you want to have at least a couple of sport coats in your wardrobe is because it gives you a lot of variety, and you can create a lot of outfits with a pair of chinos, or it goes very well over a pair of jeans. You can wear it with sneakers or with formal shoes. So the bottom line, options for the waistcoat are limitless, but you need at least two in order to have a complete wardrobe.

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