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How to Wear a Pocket Square

Learn how to wear a pocket square from Louis Purple menswear boutiques founder Charles Brunold in this Howcast video.


Hey I'm Charles and we're still at Louis Purple in New York and we're gonna talk about how to rock a pocket square. A Pocket square is a great way to complete your outfit. The most important with the pocket square is that it doesn't drag too much attention on itself. And that it's not over powering the whole deal with your whole outfit. With the outfit I'm wearing today I purposely used a pretty bold pattern for the pocket square because it tones down the solid navy blue blazer that I'm wearing. In this particular outfit my pocket square is matching my trousers. This is an easy way to keep the outfit consistent. I also choose to display this pocket square in a very neat and tidy way.

Because I didn't want to make it look too fluffy and drag too much attention. Pocket square use to be reserved only for very formal occasions but now people start to wear them more and more because its a great way to spice up your outfit. And to just throw in a little blast of color and if you're not too sure what color, what pattern you wanna with just go for a simple white pocket square and it will always complete your look nicely.

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