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How to Match Sneakers with Suits

Learn how to match sneakers with suits from Louis Purple menswear boutiques founder Charles Brunold in this Howcast video.


Hey, I'm Charles, we are at Louis Purple in New York and today we're gonna talk about how to pair a pair of sneakers with a suit. So, it's actually pretty simple and there's a few guidelines to respect. First of all let's talk about the style of the suit you're gonna pair it with. So you want to avoid having a suit that looks too formal, so here I'm wearing a cotton navy suit with an unstructured shoulder. So that gives already a kind of relaxed and casual feel to my outfit. The knitted tie also help to kind of give a relaxed feel to the outfit. So, here I'm wearing a pair of white Converses. I like when I mix and match these kind of items to avoid having too much break which is more reserved to like business purposes, I would say.

When wearing sneakers with suit pants you want to have almost no break and if you like a little bit of break, just keep it to a strict minimum. So just remember, if you want to pair sneakers with a suit, just make sure you're not gonna shock anybody in your work environment. And it's always something that's gonna give a casual feel to the outfit, so it's nice to pair it with a knitted tie, a cotton or linen suit. And maybe you can coordinate the shirt with the color of the sneakers. So this is how you pair sneakers with a suit.

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