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How to Green Your Beauty Routine

Learn how to green your beauty routine with this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi. Allegra here from Amber Living talking today about how to green your beauty routine.

Well, with all things green living, the bottom line is always what you need to do. So less is always more. So I always say beauty routines are supposed to be fun, right? I mean, some of us torture ourselves. I do. I only do as much as it's fun. Like, I never do eye shadow because eye shadow is boring for me. So feel free, give yourself permission to get rid of things you don't think are really fun.

Secondly, try and get things that are multipurpose. For instance, I use a black powder and I use it for my eyeliner, I use it for my eyebrows, I use it for shadow, all in one. So multifunction is also a big part of the green lifestyle.

I also try to avoid products that have water in them. For instance, all of my makeup is mineral based meaning it's part cakes in little tins like these, it's not in a pump or anything that has water in them is one, going to go bad quickly so it's not going to last as long and two, anything with water is a host for bacteria and mildew and stuff like that so they tend to have to add harsh ingredients in it to preserve against those issues.

So avoid things with water in them, even better, if you can get products that are concentrated and don't have a lot of water in them. For one thing, you're getting more bang for your buck so there's actually more active ingredients in the product than there is water and secondly, when you add water to it you're helping to activate the product and make it really fresh and it will look even better.

Another tip for greening your beauty routine is to not cleanse so much. Most of us tend to over cleanse either by cleansing too often. I personally wash my face at night after it's gone all dirty from the day and also by using products that are too harsh. If you use products that have detergents in them like a sodium laurelsulfate it's actually going to over cleanse your skin, which will dry out, strip your body of its natural oils and actually kind of speed the aging process because dry skin is more prone to all sorts of issues with regards to aging.

So these are my tips to greening your beauty routine. Only do as much as it's fun, avoid products with water in them and if you can buy concentrated products, you'll get more bang for your buck and they'll be a better acting product and less toxic. And check on my website where I have a pamphlet on the 13 ingredients that you want to avoid in bath and body products. Thanks.

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