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5 Ways to Green Your Bathing Routine

Learn five ways to green your bathing routine with this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi Allegra from Ember Living to talk about how to green your bathing routine with all things green living it's often about avoiding toxic products and using your resources in a smart way. So first of all let's talk about non toxic products you should really use bath and body products that are good for your skin and also good for the earth so avoid harsh detergents.

There are actually thirteen ingredients that I personally recommend people avoid in bath and body products and I have a pamphlet on my website that you can download all about that. Secondly you want to be careful with the precious resources that is water. So first of all I would get a shower head that has an on and off button on it they are called navy buttons you can quickly turn your shower head on and off while keeping the temperature at a nice temperature and that way you can control how much water you use especially during a hot summer month where it's no big thing to turn off the hot water in between soaping up your head or your body or whatever.

Also I would recommend getting a filter for your shower head because most of our municipal water sources have a lot of chlorine in them and when chlorine gets into the air it is actually a very toxic gas especially for younger children because lungs take a long time to develop and if you think about it you are in a hot shower and you are just breathing in all this chlorine it can contribute to issues such as asthma and things like that.

So get a filter that filters out chlorine it will be good for your lungs and it will also improve how your skin feels, your skin won't feel as dry and your hair won't be as dry so it's win win win all the way around also try to keep your shower short you can get something called a shower coach which is a little sand timer it has five minutes in it and so you just turn it on, it kind of makes showering a game too because you got to beat it you know beat the timer finish your shower avoid those vinyl shower curtains that you see everywhere in theory mold doesn't grow on them but we all know mold still grows on them and its really horrible for your lungs. PVC has a lot of toxic chemicals in it and when it gets heated up as it will in a shower it's releasing those chemicals for your body to absorb and your skin is an organ and it absorbs a lot of these chemicals so you try avoid contact with them. And finally if you live somewhere where you have a garden feel free to put a bucket in with your shower and if you're using earth friendly and non toxic detergents, and soaps, and stuff then you can feel free to take that fluent, meaning that left over water and throw it in your garden and water your plants so it will cut down on your watering bill and it will be good for your plants. So there's some tips on how to have a green bathing routine.


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