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Are Frozen Foods Eco-Friendly?

Learn if frozen foods are an eco-friendly choice in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi. Alegra from Ember Living. Many of you have asked the question, 'Are frozen foods green?' Well, if you're talking about frozen foods that are sold in the grocery store the bottom line is 'No.' It's not eco-friendly. And whenever we talk about things that are eco-friendly, we talk about, one, is it the healthiest option for you? And two, is it the best use of resources? Right?

So frozen foods tend to be highly, highly processed. So they are lacking in a lot of nutrients. Also fruits and vegetables, if you're buying them frozen, by and large they're going to be some nutrients that are lost in that whole process. The re are some slightly better options, like if you find fruit or produce that is flash frozen. That is slightly more nutritious. But I avoid frozen foods personally. There are so many better options for produce, in terms of buying fresh, and I tried to avoid process foods.

However, if you're talking about foods that you, yourself, freeze, it's a really smart way to use your resources. If you're making a bunch of food, say you're making a bunch of jam or something and you want to freeze some to keep it. That's another thing. Freezing foods that way is actually a really smart way to use your resources and to make a big batch of something all at once and put some in the freezer.

But I want to explain to you that one of the reasons why frozen foods is not eco-friendly is because it uses a lot of resources, not just in making the product and packaging it and everything, but if you think about it, every step along the way, every step of transportation, it needs to be transported in something that is refrigerated and that uses a lot of gasoline and a lot of energy. So the carbon footprint of frozen food is really high. So I would avoid it, and it's really expensive and not that nutritious and doesn't even really taste that good. So, you know, except for maybe frozen foods that are meant to be frozen, like ice cream, I avoid it in general.

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