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Benefits of Green Cleaning Supplies

Learn about the benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning supplies in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi, Lee from Ember Living. Many of you have asked, "Why should you use green cleaning supplies?" There's a number of reasons you should use green cleaning supplies.

A lot of the chemicals that are used in traditional cleaning supplies are irritating to your eyes and your skin, but most importantly to your lungs. And when you think about cleaning supplies, a lot of cleaning supplies come in sprayer bottles, so when you're using them youre really distributing them into the air and making them really easy for you to inhale. This is especially true if you have kids in your house, because the lungs are actually the last thing to develop while your baby is in utero, and they take many many years to become fully mature. So a lot of these toxins that we're spraying into the air when we're cleaning our homes can actually contribute to asthma and allergy issues in your child and in yourself long-term.

So anything that is a chemical antibacterial is technically really a pesticide if you really think about it, and do you really need to be cleaning with a pesticide in your house? A lot of us have gotten into the mindset that it needs to smell sanitary, smell sanitized, smell like a hospital in order for it to be clean. But the reality is is that most of our households don't need that kind of intense disinfection. So some of the ingredients you really want to avoid include ammonia and chlorine bleach. These are highly toxic chemicals, especially if you combine them. If you accidentally combine them you are literally creating a fatally toxic gas, so avoid combining ammonia and chlorine bleach. And in another video that we're going to do, I'm going to talk about the components of cleaning products and some alternatives that you can use that are eco-friendly and even make your own cleaning products.

And you can also visit my website where I have a pamphlet on making your own cleaning products and understanding all the different techniques for using green cleaning products.

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