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Top 5 Green Cleaning Supplies

Learn about the top five eco-friendly cleaning supplies in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi. Alegra from Ember Living here today to talk about top green cleaning supplies. One of the my favorite cleaning agents is actually baking soda, which I always keep a huge canister of right next to my kitchen sink. This is fantastic for scrubbing out your sink from all that grime that gets built up from your dishwasher soap and your hand soap and all that sort of thing. It's also great for cleaning bathtubs from the ring around the bathtub that you get after you've had a soak or after your kid has a soak.

So baking soda is totally non-toxic. It won't scratch the enamel of your sink or your bathtub and it's especially effective when you use it with a sort of luffa scrubby like this. This company, Twist, I love their products. They have a lot of different types of materials. Some are luffa, some are hemp. They have traditional sponges that are made out of cellulose. And what I love about these products is not only are they effective but also, once you're done with it, you can just compost this. So if you live in a municipality that has green bins where you can put plant-based waste, you can just throw this in there. If you have a garden, you can just throw this in your garden and it will completely decompose.

Another one of my favorites is vinegar, white vinegar. This is a fantastic laundry booster. It's a great disinfectant for your toilet bowl. It's also great at removing odors. So, for instance, if you have a dog that's really smelly, you can put a little bit in a bowl with a little bit of water and just put in near where they rest and it will help deodorize the area that they're in. And it's also a great disinfectant. I actually keep a sprayer bottle that is 30% white vinegar, 70% water, just for general cleaning around the house.

Hydrogen peroxide. This is a really hard core disinfectant. If you have something that you're really concerned about germs, spray a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and then spray the white vinegar over it and that will kill more germs than chlorine bleach will by itself, so it's very effective. Even some hospitals are switching over to hydrogen peroxide based cleaners. It's also a great way to make your own mouthwash. So a useful thing to have around the house.

Then some people like to use lemons for disinfecting and for brightening, for whitening. I actually just like to eat all of my lemons. It's kind of an inexpensive cleaning tool. So I prefer other products. But, hey, lemons work in a pinch.

So there's some tips on my top green cleaning supplies. And if you visit my website I have a pamphlet all about how to make your own green cleaning products, and explaining more about the products you should use or combine so you don't need all of those products under your kitchen counter. Thanks!

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