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How to Be Eco-Friendly When You're Busy

Learn how to follow a green lifestyle even if you're busy in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi, Alegre from Ember Living here today to talk about how can green living be easy and practical. The first thing I want to encourage you to do when you think about going green, is think about what's most important to you. Don't go green because I told you to or because someone else told you to, because you're not going to stick with it then. But think about what's important to you. Are you trying to save money? Are you concerned about you kid's health? What's the most important thing to you and start there, because you're much more likely to make a change and commit to it if it's something that you want to do.

The second thing I want to encourage you to do is to just make one change at a time. It can be really overwhelming if you're trying to tackle everything at once, but make one change. Commit to driving 55. Commit to changing your cleaning products. Commit to getting water filters. And once you've incorporated that change into your life, then you can make another change. You don't need to go out and toss out everything in your house and buy all new products and get solar panels and a hybrid car in order to go green. Do it one step at a time.

That way, it's manageable and it's incorporated into your life. And the third thing I'd like you to consider, is that there are a lot of behaviors that you can change that can help you to live a greener lifestyle, rather than say, having to go out and buy a product. So for instance, driving 55. There's no easier way to help the planet and your wallet than to drive 55. You will literally reduce your gasoline usage by 20 to 50 percent. Imagine all of that money savings, and imagine how much longer fossil fuels could be around if we all reduce our gas use by 20 to 50 percent simply by going easier on the pedal there.

Drive 55. It's an easy behavior to do, it costs you no money. In fact, it's going to save you tons of money. So some easy tips on making green living practical and easy. Look, I didn't be come this way over night. It was one little step at a time. But big change comes from lots of us making these little changes. Thank you.

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