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2 Easy Ways to Green Your Child's Lunch

Learn two easy ways to make your child's lunch eco-friendly in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi, Alegre from Ember Living here today to talk about how to green your child's lunch. As I mention with a lot of things about green living, it's all about non-toxic and about using resources effectively. So your child's lunch, there's a great opportunity to use resources better if you use reusable lunch items. Now this isn't a really huge change. I mean, I was raised using only reusable lunch items, so we're just going back a couple decades here, right? But what I mean by that is to use a lunch box rather than a paper bag. Use a reusable lunch container, so reusable sandwich containers or reusable baggies.

A product that I really like is by this great company called Graze Organic. These are organic cotton reusable sandwich bags. Going to make a little sound here as I rip it open. It has velcro here, it's completely washable. Since it's organic cotton it actually won't shrink as much as you would be surprised by how little it shrinks, and you can use this over and over and over again to put things like grapes, or sandwiches, or chips or whatever into.

Totally reusable. The average school lunch generates about 65 pounds of waste per year per child, so you can keep all of that out of the landfill, and it will also save you a lot of money. By using reusable water bottles, reusable sandwich bags, reusable tins, there's all sorts of different products that you can use. Another company I really like is called Lunch Box.

They have these great stainless steel containers and clean canteens. They have these water bottles that are reusable. By using those types of products you'll actually save yourself about $250 per year per child. All those little plastic sandwich baggies and paper bags really add up in terms of cost, and they're definitely a poor use of resources. Another thing to think about is to use food that you can put together yourself. When you buy packaged products, you're also consuming a lot more in terms of resources, all the packaging required, all the transportation required, and you'll pack your child a healthier lunch if you're using ingredients that you have access to for cooking yourself.

So, carrot sticks, and little pieces of cheese, and all sorts of things like that provide a healthier lunch for your child and reduce your use of resources in terms of energy consumption and plastics and that sort of thing. So lots of tips there on greening your child's school lunch. Hope you found them helpful. Thanks.

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