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How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

Learn how to make your business eco-friendly in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi, Alegre from Ember Living here today talk about how to green your business. As I mention when I talk about anything green living, I'm talking about using non-toxic products and sustainably using your resources. So in your place of work, I would encourage you to seek out non-toxic cleaning products and bath products for the bathroom at your work, because that's really important in terms of maintaining the health of the indoor air quality and also maintaining your workers' health.

For resources, there's a lot of opportunities for businesses to put real money back in your pocket by choosing energy efficient lighting and appliances. Things like on-off switches that automatically sensor when someone enters a common area or bathroom will save you a lot of energy in terms of that light not being on when it's not needed. Also, on-off sensors on faucets so that the water is just going on and off as long as needed rather than running for long periods of time. This will add money to your bottom line, and it's also just a better use of managing your use of resources.

Other simple things that businesses can do to go green is if you have a common kitchen area, avoid disposables. A lot of companies get into the habit of having disposable plates and cups and utensils, and that really generates a lot of waste and it's really expensive. I actually helped one company get rid of the disposables in their kitchen by telling the company that we were going to switch and telling everyone that we were going to take the money from the savings and have a bagel breakfast once a month. And this was great in a number of reasons, because the company actually saved money by making the change away from disposables and they encouraged an opportunity for their staff to get together in a social setting that was was really great for the culture of the company. And it gave people a positive reason. You weren't getting a slap on the wrist, you can't use disposables.

They were getting incentivized in order to be happy with the choice that they were making. You should also check with your municipality because many municipalities actually have incentives for businesses to go green. There's a great website, where you can go and find out if your city has any sort of rebates or programs. I actually had one city program that I was able to take advantage of where the city came in and literally changed out all of my lighting fixtures to make them more energy efficient.

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