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How to Capture Rainwater

Learn how to capture rainwater in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi Alegra from Ember Living, here today to talk about capturing rain waiter. Capturing rain water is a great way for you to reduce your use of water from your municipality. So, a lot of people don't realize how much opportunity there is in capturing rain water. The calculation for how much water your house can capture is for every 1,000 square feet of rooftop that you have and for every 1 inch of rain, that equals 600 gallons. So even in a city like Los Angeles that only has about 15 to 20 days of rain a year, you can capture about 20,000 gallons in a year in a city like Los Angeles. And that can offset a lot of the house's use of rainwater, especially if you have a yard. So, how do you capture rain water? It's really easy.

Get a tub, put it out, capture some water. Or you can buy a system called rain barrels, which will hook up to your sewers and drive the water straight into these giant rain barrels. Rain barrels can be as small as 50 gallons to 100's of gallons, depending on the size you need. If you live somewhere where rain is less frequent, you need a larger size gallon, if you live somewhere where rain comes all of the time, you can replenish a 50 gallon one very easily. Part of the benefit of using a rain barrel is that it will have something called a "first flush system". And what this does is it flushes out the first 5 or 10 gallons that come off the roof, because that will have the most silt and that sort of thing built up in it, and then you'll just have pure rainwater. And you can easily hook this up and water your yard with it.

So, it's a great way to lower your water bill and lower your dependence on your municipality's water supply. For more information on tips like this, visit my website:

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