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How to Reuse Your Home's Waste Water

Learn how to reuse your home's waste water in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi, Alegre from Ember Living, here today to talk about how to reuse waste water in your home. Whenever we talk about green living we're always talking about how to maximize your use of resources. And one great way is to use water as much as you can. Now, when water comes out of the faucet it's clean, pure, drinkable water. And when you wash your hands with it, it becomes what's called "gray water". Gray water is something that can usually be used easily in other parts of your house, especially if you have a garden.

So as long as you're using earth-friendly soaps and detergents and stuff when you're washing your hands or washing your hair, you can just take that water in the bucket and take it outside to your garden and water your plants with it. Now once water becomes what's known as "black water", waste water, that would be water in your toilet or whatever, obviously you don't want to mess with that. Black water needs to go to the municipal treatment plant. Now you should of course check with your municipality about what is legal to do with gray water. Some municipalities are more flexible in terms of your use of gray water.

For instance, it's a very easy thing to add a hose onto the flush system of your washing machine and capture all of that water to run into your garden, but check and make sure and see what's legal and do-able in your municipality. But it's a great way to cut down on your use of water and to give a resource that still has a lot of useful life in it a second chance. For more tips like this, visit my website:

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