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Benefits of Using Native Plants in Your Garden

Learn the environmental benefits of using native plants in your garden in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Allegra from Green and Greener, here today to take about native plants. The benefits of using native plants in your gardening is that they are better suited to the environment that you live in. So for instance, I live in the desert. The soil there is very nutrient poor, so the plants that tend to do well in my area are native plants that are used to poor soil. Native plants will also be better suited to the amount of rainfall in your area, so they might have deeper roots or different storage systems for water.

To look for native plants, you can also look for what are called climate friendly plants for your area. So plants from areas different from your area but that have a similar climate, will also do better in your garden. Sometimes it can be hard to find native and climate friendly plants. However, if you do a little searching and you look for native plant societies in your area, you'll find an amazing selection that you'll be surprised about, and it's a lot easier. You're not in your garden, toiling, wondering why those plants are dying and not making it. It's probably because they're not well-suited to your climate.

I have a little rule of thumb in my garden. If a plant dies, it means it wasn't supposed to be there, and I get a different plant. I don't and keep planting the same plant over and over and fixing the problem. There is no problem. It's just not supposed to be there, and when find a plant that's well suited, it will be beautiful and it will thrive, and it'll be easier for you to garden, and it'll be easier on your wallet and your use of resources. For more tips like these, visit my website,

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