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Eco-Friendly Party Decorations

Get ideas for some great eco-friendly party decorations in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.


Hi, Alegre from Ember Living here today to talk about green decor ideas for your party. The way I like to think about party decor is I like to think about how I can infuse every aspect of a party with the theme, and thereby I reduce waste by not putting up things like streamers and balloons. I never use those sorts of things to decorate a party. So for instance, say I'm having a birthday party for a child that is farm themed. I might get some bales of hay, and the bales of hay can later be used in the garden as compost, and you can set them up so that people can take pictures on them and they're fun and it's useful, and it's not just something that is later going to be thrown away.

Another idea is to infuse the decor into the food. So for instance, if you have a farm themed party again, maybe have animal crackers and things like this that reference the theme. And when you do that, the food then becomes part of the decor. Another green decor idea is, say you're having a large event like a wedding. This is something I did at my own wedding. I actually rented plants rather than getting arrangements. I was able to rent orchid plants from a nursery, and then the nursery took them back when I was done. So those plants weren't being cut just for the few hours that my wedding took place. Finally games, especially for childrens' parties are another great way to work the decor in.

You can customize pin the tail on the donkey to any theme you want. I've done pin the leaf on the tree, pin the sabre on the Darth Vader, whatever you want. You can easily customize this game. And then it's something that is pretty to look at, but also useful. It's serving two functions. So for more tips on way to decorate your party green, visit my website

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