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Tools You Need for Scrapbooking

Learn about some of the tools you need for scrapbooking in this Howcast video featuring expert Carla Sylvester.


When you are just starting to scrapbook, there are just a few essential tools you really need, and these are my personal preferences. But I think almost everybody would agree you need some paper, you would like to have a paper trimmer, although some people do prefer to use a craft knife.

A ruler, a pair of scissors, definitely some adhesive, and an assortment of pens. I've got several here, this one actually writes on photos, which is nice to have. And then, this pen, as well as these, are journaling pens. And I like to have a few different colors, these are kind of my standard journaling colors; black, brown, and kind of a denim blue. I also love to have a mechanical pencil and a white eraser.

Not everybody really uses or needs these but, I just love them because I'm always trying to where I want to put something on my page, and that let's me do that and then erase the mark very cleanly. Some embellishments are nice, some stickers. You want to pick the one that are going to go with your scrapbook. You don't have to load up with all of the stickers in the store right away, just pick a couple of things that are going to work for your project. And then, of course you want to have your photos. So, with these basic things, you are ready to start scrapbooking.

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