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How to Crop a Photo for Scrapbooking

Learn how to crop a photo in this Howcast scrapbooking tutorial featuring expert Carla Sylvester.


When you're creating your scrapbook pages very often you'll find that you have a photo that would be great if it was just that one person not in the picture, and I'm not talking about your great aunt Emily in the third row of the family portrait. I'm talking about something like this photo here where somebody in the crowd got in just on the edge of your folder, and if we could just get rid of her that would be fine. So guess what, we are going to do that. So I'm going to put my photo right into my paper trimmer, and then I'm just going to cut it. Simple as that. and she is gone. And I just want to reinforce to you, don't be afraid to cut your pictures. A lot of times, a lot of times we are afraid to take the scissors or the paper trimmer to that photo and really it's okay. And you can always print more if most of the time if you are dealing with a photo that is very old or very precious to you and it's the only one that is one time I advise you not to trim your photo you might want to get a scan made of it first and get a new print and then crop it if you feel like you need to crop it. But otherwise cropping is not a bad thing.

And in fact this page right here is a great example of how a lot of different photos have been cropped all to the same size and it makes such a beautiful scrap book page.

So here is another example of a photo, I would like you take a look at this, would you crop this or not? you might want to have a really close up of him or you might want to keep that background as part of the picture because4 it shows a certain point in time it shows the house that you lived in so again it's a personal opinion. But if you do decide to crop a photo please think about how you are going to crop it.

You might not want to do this, and you might not want to do this. Now why is this? That's because when you start to do really funky shapes with your photos it actually takes the, it takes the interest away from the photo itself. It takes the eye towards the outside shape of the object rather that the subject of the photo and that's where you want the attention to be. So these are made with decorative, this one was cut wit decorative scissors this one was cut with our saw punch. In most cases, again you are the boss of you scrapbook so you can totally do this if you want to.

But if you really want the attention to be on your photos, try to avoid the more unusual cropping shapes. Now Circles and ovals are fine and this photo we cropped to a circle le and it looks just fine. And in another video we will teach you how to do this, but my recommendation is, is to general for cropping circles, oval, squares or rectangles.

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