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How to Create Titles for Scrapbook Pages

Learn how to create titles for scrapbook pages in this Howcast video featuring expert Carla Sylvester.


One of the key elements of your scrapbook page is, of course, your title. The title tells the viewer right away what this page is about, and so there are lots and lots of different ways to create your title for your page, and I have just a few examples here. Probably the absolute easiest way is premade titles. So you just buy this in the store.

It's a sticker, and you put it right on your page. And this particular one comes with other additional little die cut pieces that are also stickers that you can add to the page to carry out the theme that you have going on already. Another way that you can add a title to your page is without alphabet stickers. So here we have a page that has Molly and John in alphabet stickers, and this also almost acts a little bit as a title. And this is either a die cut or else it's cut out from a sheet of paper. So that's actually another way that you can add a title to your page. It would be something that looks like this, and then you could just add your own adhesive to it. Another way to add titles to a page are die cut letters, and these you can buy premade as these were, or you can make them with a die cutting machine.

And of course, with a die cutting machine, you can totally customize what you're doing. And here she was able actually to do the title in every different color that she wanted to include on the page. So that makes it really, really easy to customize your page. Yet another way to create your title, and for that matter your journaling too, are stickers. I love these kinds of word stickers that you can just assemble and put together and group together in a way that really lets you customize your title and your journaling, and also adds a really interesting design element to the page because you've got all these different little circles and rectangle going on.

And finally, when all else fails I always say, it's the computer, because with your computer at home, you can print just about any kind of title that you need to do. And so here I have several pages from one of my albums, and I will run through these for you.

These pages are from the album I created after my deployment to Afghanistan. And so what I have here first is a title page, and all the journaling, or all the titles, were created with the computer. So I did this on a plain piece of cardstock, and then I crumpled the paper to make it look a little bit more rustic. And if you want to know more about how to do that, take a look at our other video on that subject. So there's the title page, and then I was able to create divider pages. I sort of created chapters in this album, so each chapter had a title on it. So this is my title for daily life that I printed on the computer. And I also created all the journaling on the computer. So especially when you have lots and lots of journaling, the computer is really the easiest way to do that.

I'm a big believer in having a lot of your own handwriting in your albums, but when you have this much to write, it's a lot to do. But I do still have a little bit of my handwriting here, and then I have this other element that also was done on the computer and then later cut out. So these are just some of the many, many different ways that you can create a title that tells the viewer what your page is all about.

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